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The herbal goodness in our products promises better results and higher safety.
We believe in understanding the root cause and providing long lasting benefits.

A healthier life with an improved immune system is just a click away!


Here’s the single best herbal medicine to boost your immune system and fight against bacterial infections! Abayakasthaa™…. read more

AbayakasthaaTM Plus

With its 360° approach, Abayakasthaa Plus is an allo-ayurvedic medicine for the prevention and treatment of viral and bacterial infections….read more

How are Abayakasthaa™ products different from other immunity boosters?

Natural Immune Support: Abayakasthaa™ and Abayakasthaa™ Plus capsules contain potent antioxidants & are rich in essential minerals required to strengthen your health naturally.

Antioxidants: Rich in Vitamin C, Ashwagandha and Shatavari is a powerful combination of antioxidant herbs that help cells battle free radicals, reduce oxidation and cellular damage, to combat infections.

Anti-inflammatory: Harad, Mulethi & Giloy include anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements that naturally strengthen the immunity system and boost the body’s own defences by building antibodies and reducing fever.

Respiratory Immunomodulator: Packed with nutritions that treat respiratory ailments and coughs, Amla, Jasad Bhasma and Ginger promote detoxification and cleanses the body naturally.